Georgia Danvers (DipSWSBA NOCN PTLLS)

My StudioI have always loved art, and my botanical background started with an introductory course in Leicester, where I achieved an NOCN certificate. From this, a group of us formed the Floral Artists Society of which I am chairperson. I organise speakers, so have a lot of communication with other artists.

I have been exhibiting since 2006, both locally in Market Bosworth and further afield. The Society of Botanical Artists (SBA) hung three pieces in their Silver Jubilee exhibition at London's Westminster Hall gallery (April 2010). I have done many commissions, which I find very rewarding and satisfying as the subject matter is so personal to the client.

Over 2009-2010 I have had the pleasure of working alongside Rosie Martin and Meriel Thurstan. Meriel is a founder member of the Eden Project Florilegium Society and Rosie Martin is an artist and designer. Rosie herself devised Eden's first year-long Diploma Course in Botanical Illustration in 2003. She continued to Tutor the Courses there until 2006 after which it moved to Dartington Hall in Devon, where I travelled to every week, from my home in Leicestershire. It was in Dartington Hall that both Rosie and Meriel continued with the Botanical Illustration Diploma Courses where they are still running today.

I gained my SWSBA (South-West Society of Botanical Artists) Diploma in November 2010. Rosie has been an invaluable part of my career, and she has helped me a great deal to develop as an artist. She is very supportive of my new 'Spiral' Art Form Series. Click here to see my Spiral Gallery. My Spiral Paintings are an extension of my Botanical work. I am creating an image that is exact and botanically correct, but I take it one step further. They become my own personal responses to nature, my own vision.

I have had the honour of being accepted to exhibit, with a group of artists from the South West, at the RHS London Orchid Show in 2013. We were awarded a Silver Medal for our Artwork.

I get great pleasure in knowing that people can take time to look at subjects of nature that they may not normally have the time to see. One of my favourite quotes is from Georgia O Keefe:

''Nobody sees a flower really………it is so small, it takes time……we haven't got time.''
''To see takes time… to have a friend takes time''.